WBO junior welterweight world champion Tim Tszyu will return to the ring on March 30 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, where he faces former unified beltholder Keith Thurman. 

When the fight was announced, Thurman told reporters that Tszyu was a flat-footed fighter with a Mexican style.

“I’m not sure what he’s implying there. Maybe he thinks I’m easy to hit? What I do know is when I said something back to him, when I defended the Mexican style that has been around for centuries, he started backing out of the comment like he knew he f----- up," Tszyu told Fox Sports Australia.

“The guy doesn’t think before he speaks. His build to fighting Manny Pacquiao in 2019, exactly the same. He’s just a little yapper. And I’ve always found the bigger the dog, the less they bark. But Chihuahuas, they’re gunna yap. It’s all for show”.

Thurman is coming off a two-year layoff, which Tszyu explains is a big mistake for a boxer.

In his last ring appearance, in February of 2022, he won a twelve round unanimous decision over Mario Barrios.

Tszyu feels Thurman became too comfortable after making a lot of money from several big fights.

“Where is his drive? These guys make a few bucks, get some attention and everything changes. They aren’t as hungry anymore. But me, I’m never content. Never satisfied. Which isn’t exactly the best thing in life, either," Tszyu said,

“(Laughs) Because you never switch off. I can’t go on holiday and relax. I just can’t. Same as I cannot commit to things like weddings or engagement parties. When you have a drive like mine, you can’t do any of these things because you’re always chasing that next goal. And that definitely has its own challenges.”