Tim Bradley didn’t appreciate what Tyson Fury did out there.

Just a few months ago, the current WBC heavyweight champion decided to give Francis Ngannou a chance. Of course, Ngannou spent practically the entirety of his career beating people up in a mixed martial arts cage. Essentially no one gave him a chance at pulling off the upset, especially Bradley. But, as Ngannou began banking rounds, Bradley couldn’t believe what he was watching. Fury may have eked out a split decision win but boxing has been sporting a black eye ever since.

With one helluva performance, Ngannou will be given another opportunity on the big stage when he takes on Anthony Joshua on March 8th. Bradley doesn't have much of a personal relationship with Fury but if he had to guess, he assumes that the current champ didn’t view Ngannou as a real threat. This time around, Bradley doesn't believe Joshua will make the same mistake.

“He's gonna take this fight seriously,” said Bradley on Pro Box TV. “He’s gonna show everybody how you're supposed to take out a guy like Francis Ngannou.”

Ostensibly, Joshua has gotten his groove back. After languishing around the division with a handful of mediocre showings, he got back to his old self following a one-sided stoppage over Otto Wallin.

The MMA/UFC community has gotten more and more brazen over the years. Conor McGregor made crossover fights possible and now Ngannou has taken things to another level. There have also been a handful of other cage fighters, including Sean O’Malley, calling for matchups against some of boxing’s biggest stars.

For Bradley, things are simple. He doesn’t want to see Joshua in a hirsute situation against Ngannou. Simply put, he needs to send a message, one that screams about the superiority of boxers in the ring.

“Joshua, go in there and do what you're supposed to do. Show these MMA, UFC guys how we do it.”