Teofimo Lopez appears to have no plans of turning over a new leaf.

The former lightweight champion is coming off on the losing end of one of the most startling upsets from last year, a points loss to George Kambosos Jr. on Nov. 27 at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. The loss prompted many observers to criticize the 24-year-old for his brashness leading up to that bout. Post-fight, Lopez was not exactly charitable, refusing to concede that the challenger had actually beaten him.

“The referee knew I won tonight,” he said then. “Everybody knew I won tonight and I’m just thankful. I don’t believe it was a close fight at all. At the end, I scored it 10-2.”

In his most recent Instagram story, Lopez batted away the notion that he would be presenting himself in a more modest manner. He took aim at his perceived ‘haters,’ while rattling off the brands with which he is associated.

“All I can say is this, man, y’all can keep hatin’ on me,” Lopez said. “For those that are supporting me, I love you. Ones that keep hatin’ on me just wanna be like me. I got Beats, I got Budlight, I got Essential Water, I got Reign energy drink. I’m lit to the Thor. And next is gonna be Nike. Best believe that because I asked that to the universe and I’mma grant that. All y’all keep hatin’ me, keep doing that. Gimme that energy.

Lopez added, “Last but not least, f--- humble! It's growth.”

Lopez (16-1, 12 KOs) is set to make his debut at 140 pounds later this year. He was reported to be in talks to potentially face undefeated junior welterweight Arnold Barboza Jr. (26-0, 10 KOs) of Los Angeles. Lopez’s promoter, Bob Arum of Top Rank Inc., made it clear that Lopez would not be fighting at 135 pounds again, as Lopez reportedly nearly lost his life after the Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs) fight; Lopez, according to an ESPN report, had air in his chest during the bout.

The tone of Lopez’s recent Instagram story took a cryptic and unsettling turn toward the end, indicating that he is going through some personal issues. Lopez has been candid about mental health struggles in the past and recently hinted that there are ongoing issues within his family.

“I wish I could leave from earth and NEVER come back,” he wrote.  

Lopez followed that up with another post, suggesting he would not be easily reachable.

“Going M.I.A.,” Lopez posted. “Good luck finding me [‘OK’ emoji] goes for everyone.”