Veteran trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas was already known as one of Jeff Horn’s biggest critics, and his latest attack on the Aussie might be his harshest.

It was Horn’s shocking win over Manny Pacquaio that led to Atlas claiming, to the Brisbane-native’s face — that he disagreed heavily with the result.

After Horn lost his WBO welterweight title to Terence Crawford — losing via TKO after a stoppage in the ninth round — Atlas unleashed again, throwing a tough, but hilarious, insult his way.

“Oh, it was a Volkswagen against a Ferrari, and the guy driving the Volkswagen was a bad driver,” Atlas said on ESPN’s broadcast, following the fight.

“Simply said. He takes the turns too wide, he crashes into walls. You can’t win a race that way. Guess what: you can’t win a fight that way.

“He comes in with wide punches, reckless aggression. Nobody taught Horn and explained to him that it’s supposed to be effective aggression, not reckless aggression. You don’t get points for just walking in, and eating punches, and that’s exactly what happened.”

The 61-year-old was most recently a trainer for Timothy Bradley, for his welterweight title defence against Brandon Riod, but has served as a commentator for ESPN, as well as NBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games.

While you could point to sensationalism for his colourful comments, Atlas told ’s Liam FitzGibbon, prior to the Horn-Crawford fight, that he stands comfortably behind everything he says.

“I’ve been in this game for 40 years and I hope the fans can appreciate what I say is not attached to any agendas and not influenced by anything other than my life and experience in this game,” he said.

“That doesn’t mean I’m right ... but have a responsibility to tell the people watching what I believe they should be told. And if that means that somebody got robbed, that’s what I’m supposed to tell them.”

After comparing Horn to a Volkswagen, Atlas explained why the Australian was dominated by the unbeaten American.

“He was walking in, wide shots, too far away, didn’t work his way in with the right technique,” Atlas said of Horn.

“And Crawford, the much more talented guy — but the better technical fighter, the better IQ, the smarter fighter — caught him coming in.”

“I said before this fight, that Crawford would catch him coming, and going. And that’s exactly what he did. He caught him coming in, uses reckless aggression against him, and then he caught him going out. Oh, Mr. Crawford. No contest.”