Sunny Edwards says he will vacate his IBF flyweight title and move up or down if he cannot secure a unification fight next.

Edwards takes on Andres Campos at Wembley Arena on June 10 in his first fight since signing with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom.

The champion is an overwhelming favorite to beat the 15-0 Chilean and he is already plotting what will come next should all go well at Wembley.

And Edwards says he is bored of waiting around for the other big names in the division and will change weight class if he is unable to arrange a fight with any of the other champions straight away.

Flyweight is a hot division right now and he has been linked with fights against WBC champion Julio Cesar Martinez, Bam Rodriguez who holds the WBO and Ukraine’s WBA king Artem Dalakian.

Edwards said: “I’ve agreed to go to Mexico City on October 22 last year to fight Martinez. I’ve done everything to the point now where it’s just boring. If you don’t want to fight me just say it. Send me a message and tell me not to mention you and I won’t. There’s no point.

“Obviously I want these fights to happen because the fans want the fights to happen, they are the biggest fights in the division. But I just can’t have them stall me anymore.

“But with these lot now, if they don’t fight me next, I’m leaving this division. It’s boring. I’ve been begging for these fights for over two years now."

Edwards says his hand may be forced by the IBF, who will order him to face a mandatory challenger - which might represent a rematch of his last outing, which he won narrowly on points.

He added: “After this fight I will be ordered a mandatory by the IBF unless I can secure a unification. That might be against Felix Alvarado, who was my last opponent. So I probably won’t stall myself by fighting tough mandatories for very little credit.

“I’d rather go up and chase legacy that way - or maybe even go down to light flyweight, because I can do that too. I could go straight into a world title in those divisions. I will say to Eddie: ‘I’m not dealing with these flyweights anymore, they don’t want to deal with me’.

“I’ll ask him who he has at light-fly, super-fly or even bantamweight where I can walk straight into a world title shot. If there’s nobody then it’s a final eliminator.

“Bam, Martinez or I’d delay myself for Dalakian. But he got offered to fight me on the Joshua-Usyk card in Saudi and they said no. They didn’t want to know. They weren’t interested.

"I might as well go up to super-flyweight and contest for more money on a bigger platform in higher profile fights.”