Subriel Matias defends his IBF World Junior-Welterweight title against Liam Paro

“I want to thank my team, my manager and my promoter, Eddie Hearn, for accepting to do business with me. I’m delighted to be here because the last time I was here was 2019 and I wasn’t champion, but this time I am and it’s going to be interesting.

“I want to say something to Liam Paro - i am very happy and ready, because accepted the challenge to fight me in my house, my town. People say that I am avoided, but he accepted the challenge, and I am happy for this because on Saturday night, two warriors will put on a show in Puerto Rico.

“I don’t think that this will go 12 rounds, everything he is showing me tells me this won’t go 12 rounds. He’s going to come to box, but he obviously wants to take that title away from me, and I want to take his undefeated record from him.”

Jacob Najar, trainer of Subriel Matias

“We know that this is a good fight, a dangerous fight for Subriel, just as it is for Liam Paro. It’s exciting to be here in Puerto Rico in front of Subriel’s fans, with all his people here in his hometown. I know what we did in camp, we’ve done everything correctly and there’s no excuses, and on Saturday night Subriel will be victorious, and his belt will remain here in Puerto Rico. 

“You have to work the mindset of a fighter to have him know that he is on the one in the ring. You want to please the fans, but at the end of the day, he’s the one that is in there fighting. We have to keep him calm, and we kept reminding him in camp that we’re not going to pay attention to the cheering and clapping, and he’s a professional, he’s a veteran of 21 pro fights and he’s fought in Puerto Rico ten times before. We expect to see the same Subriel come out, the warrior, the attacker, the animal in the ring.”

Liam Paro challenges Subriel Matias for the IBF World Junior-Welterweight title

“Fighters fight. I stick by that. I want to thank Matchroom for this opportunity and much respect to Subriel and to Puerto Rico. 

“He’s a tremendous champion and his record speaks for itself. It’s a World title at the end of the day and as a young kid, that’s what you dream about. Nothing in life comes easy and I am taking the biggest test not only for the title but with the best fighter in the division at the moment, so it’s a no-brainer for me. I’ll fight anyone and I am proving that, by coming into the Lion’s Den in Puerto Rico to take on the champion.

“We’re proud Aussies and God willing, we get the job done on Saturday.”

Alfie Di Carlo, trainer of Liam Paro

“We’ve had wonderful preparation for this fight. We had a solid camp in Australia and then finishing in Fort Lauderdale for six weeks. I don’t have to ask Liam too many questions, I knew he would accept the fight. He’s a fighter and he’s got the heart of a lion, and come fight night, he’s going to give it his all.

“We’re very confident, the preparation has been amazing, and I know what Liam can do. We have full respect for Subriel, he’s an unbelievable champion, but I just think that Liam is going to have the goods on Saturday night.

“I don’t think the occasion is going to get to Liam. He’s fought in front of 19,000 people in December and had all that pressure that comes with fighting at home when he fought Brock Jarvis in a big event. I know Liam is ready and on Saturday, he’ll walk out and get the job done.”

Angel Fierro faces Alfredo Santiago for the WBO NABO Jr. Welterweight title

“Thank you Eddie Hearn and Kevin Rooney for the opportunity, we’re ready to be champions on Saturday. Alfredo has my respect, but you know that whenever I enter a boxing ring it’s war, and this fight on Saturday will be no exception.”

Alfredo Santiago faces Angel Fierro for the WBO NABO Jr. Welterweight title

“I thank God for allowing me to be here and to my team who support me. We’re really well prepared, we’ve had a tough camp but we’re ready to show who Alfredo Santiago is.”

Yankiel Rivera faces Victor Sandoval for the WBC and WBA Continental Americas and WBO Intercontinental Flyweight titles

“I am so happy to be fighting in my country. I faced a tough test with a great opponent in February, but on Saturday, there is no doubt that it will be a Puerto Rico versus Mexico war. I am facing a great opponent, he has a lot of experience, but my team and I want the opportunity to fight for a World title and if we win, that opportunity will be there. But first, I have to get through the test of Victor Sandoval on Saturday.”

Victor Sandoval faces Yankiel Rivera for the WBC and WBA Continental Americas and WBO Intercontinental Flyweight titles

“This is going to be a war, a battle, and we’re completely ready for this. We have had a great camp and we’re mentally and physically prepared. I had a big fight in my last fight and I feel that fight was robbed from me, so now we’re completely ready to go into this fight and the belt will be going home to Tijuana.”

Stephanie Piniero faces Diana Tapia for the WBA Continental Americas and WBO International Welterweight titles

“Thank you to Eddie Hearn, Kevin Rooney and Matchroom. I’ve been waiting a long time to sign with a promotional team like this, and it was a dream to sign with Matchroom. I wanted to go on and have big things for the future, and I am delighted to be fighting in front of my people and being part of the Matchroom team. All I can say is sorry Diana, but those two titles will be staying in Puerto Rico.”

Diana Tapia faces Stephanie Piniero for the WBA Continental Americas and WBO International Welterweight titles

“I want to thank Matchroom for the opportunity. I have been preparing for a long time for this fight. I know that there are no easy fights in boxing, but I am ready to take this opportunity and I am looking forward to taking the belts home to Mexicali.

William Ortiz faces Carlos Mitzael over six rounds at Super-Lightweight

“I want to thank Matchroom, DAZN and Fresh Productions for believing in me. I’ve been waiting for a very long time for this fight, so I am 100 per cent ready and really anxious to get in the ring, and my opponent is going to pay the consequences for that. I am sorry to say that, but somebody has to pay.”

Carlos Mitzael faces William Ortiz over six rounds at Super-Lightweight

“William is a great boxer, he’s unbeaten, so I want to thank him for giving me this opportunity for this fight.”