IBF world jnr.flyweight Champion Sivenathi "The Special One" Nontshinga received his second IBF World title belt at the NO DOUBT Management office this morning by IBF Africa representative Andre De Vries and Boxing South Africa Gauteng Provincial Manager Hloks Ramagole.

"The belt has been sitting in my office for a few weeks now. I've just been waiting for Sive to come back from East London so Andre could officially present and give it to him," said Colin Nathan, Director of NO DOUBT Management and Sivenathi's Trainer and Manager.

Sivenathi becomes the first South African to ever reclaim his World title after losing it in an immediate rematch. 

Nontshinga shockingly lost his IBF title last year November in Monte Carlo by way of a second-round knockout loss against heavy underdog Adrian Curiel from Mexico.

In a surprise move, because of a very good relationship with Eddie Hearn of Matchroom, Nathan secured an immediate rematch for Nontshinga on the 16th of February in Oaxaca, Mexico in Curiel's backyard.

With the odds at 16-1 against him, Nontshinga rallied from behind on the scorecards to stop the favoured defending champion Curiel, turning the tables with a decisive 10th round TKO.

People early in the contest questioned Nathan's game plan, only for it to be a master stroke for the manager and trainer, who has produced 5 IBF World titles for South Africa since he started his company, NO DOUBT Management, in July of 2018.

Nontshinga, who is currently South Africa's only credible World champion, was smiling from ear to ear on winning his second World title and receiving another IBF World title.

"I am so grateful to be World Champion again and I want to thank my team of Nomakanjani, my father Best, Bernie Pailman, Nomfesane, Siya, Teris and all the people who were behind me even when I lost in Monte Carlo last year." 

“When I lost the title, I cried so much. Nomakanjani said to me don’t worry my son, I will get you another crack and make you World Champion again.

"I must also thank the guys at Matchroom, Eddie, Frank Smith and Kevin Rooney Jnr. For believing in me." Said Nontshinga. 

Nontshinga's next move is currently being navigated and there are talks that he may fight either Ken Shiro Teraji for a unification for Teraji's WBC and WBA titles or Jonathan Gonzalez for his WBO title also in a unification.

With his win in February, he restored pride in South African Boxing.