Former world champion Shawn Porter is backing MMA veteran Tyron Woodley to hand Jake Paul the first defeat on his pro career.

Woodley, a former UFC champion and one regarded as one of the top fighters in MMA, will collide with the social media star at a catch-weight of 190-pounds on August 29th in the main event of a Showtime Pay-Per-View.

Earlier this year, Paul (3-0, 3 KOs) dropped and stopped another MMA veteran, Ben Askren, in a single round. Askren is close friends with Woodley.

Woodley, who is physically bigger than Askren and has punching power, is widely regarded as the toughest test for Paul.

Besides Askren, Paul's two other wins in boxing have come against rival Youtuber AneSonGib and NBA star Nate Robinson.

“Unlike a lot of the guys in the UFC and the MMA game Woodley really, really has worked on his hands for a number of years. I've walked into plenty of boxing gyms and just saw him in there training. So I mean, it's no secret if you watch him in the UFC, you've seen that he's pretty decent with his hands," Porter told The DAZN Boxing Show.

Porter gives Paul credit for improving his skills, but he believes Woodley has what it takes to overcome Paul. 

“I think Jake Paul, I think he's starting to find himself in the boxing game. Everything I hear about these guys in terms of the way they train and things like that, I hear that they weren't prepared to embarrass [themselves]," Porter said.

“And with that being said, if you want a prediction, I do expect Tyron Woodley to handle the business, to represent for combat sports, because the UFC is a combat sport now. But I find it hard to see Jake Paul beating a true fighter and I know Tyron, I think he was stopped in one of his last fights. And I know it's been a little bit of time since he fought too, but I just can't see that one, man. I can't see Jake Paul getting the upper hand over Tyron Woodley.”