Former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, 48-years-old, is ready to take part in the next chapter of his wild career - by becoming the latest retired boxer to enter the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

Briggs will attempt to add another title or two, by knocking out heavyweight competitors in BKFC.

He last saw action in May of 2016, and Briggs' final record as a pro boxer was 60-6 - and 53 of those wins by knockout.

When the coronavirus pandemic passes, Briggs intends to move forward with his move to BKFC.

"It's something that's in my blood and when the opportunity presented itself I didn't think twice. This bare knuckle thing is something that's growing, which is going to be a very important thing. In the '80s I had a friend who showed me pictures of the great warriors of the past, who fought cleanly. Being the protagonist of such an event is something that encourages me," Briggs told George Ebro.

"I am a unique, a different human being. If you look at my career I've had moments in a lot of fights and then I walk away for two or three years, I come back and walk away again. I have managed to preserve my physique and my mind in an enviable way. I feel tremendously strong and eager to return to action.

"For me it's not much. I think I'm going to make an easy transition, because I'm a puncher and that's what it's all about, paying and knocking out. I can knock people out and I can box. I've stayed in the minds of the fans, of a new generation of fans who hadn't even been born when I started boxing. My charisma does not abandon me.

"That's why they call me the title collector. It would be an impressive thing, something that still motivates me to go to the gym. I have always liked challenges and this is the one in front of me at this time of my career. I want to add up as many titles as possible, even WWE."