Promoter Ben Shalom of Boxxer is still working out the details to finalize a domestic showdown between former world champion Kell Brook and middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr.

The biggest obstacle with making that fight has been the weight.

Brook wants a catch-weight of 155-pounds, while Eubank wants something close to his fighting weight of 160.

If Eubank agrees to drop down a few pounds, Shalom feels the contest is very likely to take place.

"I think the biggest issue with the fight is the weight and that's what will stop this happening. Hopefully that fight can happen. If Chris compromises with the weight, we may have a super-fight on our hands, a 50/50 fight. That is the key. Will Chris compromise? I think we are getting closer on an answer that he will," Shalom said to Sky Sports.

"Kell is older than he once was and when he fought [Gennady] Golovkin he should probably have never been [at middleweight], it should never have been at 160lbs. Against a young guy like Chris with huge power, it is not safe for that to happen. The even fight is if Chris comes down and they fight at a sensible weight. It looks as though Chris' team understand that and are working through what to do and how to make it safe for Chris and safe for Kell."

Another fight that Shalom would like to make is a crossroads fight between Amir Khan and Florian Marku, who returns to action on Saturday night against Chris Jenkins.

Back in February, Khan was stopped in six rounds by Brook.

Khan wants a rematch with his longtime rival, but Shalom wants him to prove himself in an interim-fight - since the loss to Brook was so one-sided.

"I think you have to ask [Amir]. He was looking whether the rematch [with Brook] was a possibility, looking at other things. I think he accepts that if he is going to come back it can't be for money," Shalom said.

"He feels like he was injured, like he didn't have the preparation he should have had. He doesn't want to go out like that and is looking at options for how he can come back and prove himself. I might get laughed at but I think the Marku fight makes sense. It obviously makes sense for Florian as it is a huge fight. Amir needs a step back where it's not do or die, not potentially against someone at that elite level - yet. We will see."