With the Tokyo Olympics right around the corner, Savannah Marshall looks back on her two appearances at the Olympics, having competed at both London in 2012, and Rio in 2016.

How did your Olympic journey start?

Marshall: “My Olympic journey started with heartbreak. I qualified for the 2012 Olympics as the reigning world champion and favourite. I became overwhelmed, anxious and nervous and it got to me.

“I ended up getting in the quarter-finals for a medal, and I really underperformed and that was it. I went home the next day and didn’t want anything to do with 2012. It was the worst experience of my life.”

What followed after the 2012 Olympics?

Marshall: “I decided to stay amateur and go for 2016. I was four years older and had more experience. It was the same again as I qualified, and then I was ranked number three in the world, but I got beat in the quarter finals.

“I always say there’s nothing worse than two fourth places in the Olympics, as I just missed out on medals in both games. Despite that, Rio in 2016 was a brilliant occasion.

“I absolutely loved it and it really made me forget the disappointment of 2012. The village was absolutely amazing, and it was a great experience.”

What advice can you give to the Olympians in Tokyo this week?

Marshall: “The only advice I’d give for the Olympians going to Tokyo is just to enjoy it and take it in and own the experience. Savour every moment because before you know it, it’s all over.”