Ryan Garcia may have gotten an unintentional preview for the fight he has famously clamored for.

The popular lightweight contender from Victorville, California, revealed during an Instagram Live session that he had a run-in with his nemesis, Baltimore’s Gervonta Davis. The two fighters have been throwing periodic hints on social media suggesting that they may meet in the ring by the end of the year.

If Garcia’s anecdote is any indication, there is already plenty of tetchiness between the parties.

Garcia said he spotted Davis at a night club and when he approached him about their proposed fight, Davis grabbed his chain. The situation, however, did not escalate any further than that, according to Garcia, who accused Davis of simply putting on a “tough guy” act.

“I actually did see Tank in the club,” Garcia recounted. “He definitely … he’s definitely … he’s a tough guy. He was very low-key, in his hoodie. I went up to his table … and we said, ‘Yo, are we gonna make this fight happen?’ And I guess he got all offended by that. Got all worked up and I was like, ‘Yo, what you on about, man? Ain’t no respect here? He responds with, ‘Nah, there ain’t no respect here.’ So [I said], ‘Oh, it’s like that. OK, it’s like that.’ Then he grabbed my chain, but I wasn’t worried about [it]. There were so many security guards there. I knew he wasn’t going to take my chain or do anything, really. He just wanted to seem tough.

“So I said, wow, ‘It’s like that, huh?’ And then he responded again, ‘Yeah, it’s like that.’ Then he had to let go and I said, ‘You know what’ — I said something to him. He knows what I said. Not gonna repeat it on Live, but just know, the fight, that’s where it really happens. Outside the ring you can act tough all you want. Inside the ring it all changes.”

Shortly after Garcia referenced the dispute, Davis responded with a tweet (since deleted) in which he was told by his longtime manager, Al Haymon, “to leave” Garcia alone, and that Garcia notified his attorney about the incident. Davis was presumably referencing Lupe Valencia, who is Garcia’s legal advisor. Davis also said Haymon “got a little scared” that Garcia might end negotiations for their fight because of the altercation.

“Al told me to leave him becuz he went crying to his lawyer.. Al got a little scared they was gonna pull out of the fight!” Davis wrote.

A Davis-Garcia match-up would rank among the highest profile fights in the sport. Garcia is coming off a rousing sixth-round knockout of Javier Fortuna in July. Davis, for his part, collected yet another stoppage in his last bout, in May, drubbing Rolando Romero in six rounds.