Former four division world champion Roy Jones Jr, 55-years-old, loves the idea of facing unbeaten prospect Tommy Fury, 24-years-old, in an exhibition clash.

Fury (10-0, 4 KOs) had a very big 2023, in terms of money, with decision wins in his crossover bouts against social media stars KSI and Jake Paul.

Tommy's father and trainer, John Fury, revealed in a recent interview that Jones was a possible opponent for his son's next outing.

According to Jones, he's already in talks for the fight.

"We’re in talks, it's being negotiated, it's a really interesting fight because Tommy is inexperienced and that’s balanced out but my age and experience; I’m a 55-year-old guy who can actually fight for real and I’d be fighting a guy who's not really that experienced, but who is built right and who can get the job done, it’s an even fight. If the money is right it will be good, but if it's not a crazy, astronomical amount of money, why would I do it?," Jones said to Casino Alpha.

Jones believe the fight would be a bigger pay-per-view attraction than the 2020 exhibition clash with former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

The exhibition with Tyson generated over 1.6 million buys on pay-per-view - and most observers believe the success of Tyson-Jones created the exhibition craze.

“Me and Tommy could be bigger than me and Mike Tyson because who would ever have thought they'd see Fury versus Roy Jones? The idea would be out of the question but because of social media and Tommy's popularity it becomes a possibility. This fight would be huge when you look at it from a social media standpoint and it's a fact that it's a 50-50 fight," Jones said.

“The social media audience like to see these big events ‘can this old guy keep this young guy off him?’ ‘Is the young guy good enough to overpower this old guy?’ In boxing most of the time we know who's going to win, we don't want to see that. We want to see something that's more interesting to us. Can Roy Jones Jr at 55 jumps in the ring with young Tommy Fury, who knows what might happen. That's what boxing's about; the suspense, the buildup, the hype of what might happen and who may prevail? I can prevail. He can prevail. That's what makes boxing big.”