Former four division world champion Roy Jones Jr. believes there was miscommunication between Anthony Joshua and his corner, when the British star collided with Oleksandr Usyk in their August rematch.

Joshua had been trained for nearly his entire career by Robert McCracken. 

To prepare for the rematch with Usyk, Joshua parted ways with McCracken and hired veteran coach Robert Garcia.

Garcia, like Jones, is a former fighter turned trainer.

Jones believes Garcia, who traditionally trains much smaller fighters, had a tough task in preparing a heavyweight as big as Joshua.

“They tried to make the change. But I think he did not really understand what they were asking for and it wasn't communicated properly to him, so he could understand what was being asked of him - that's my outside opinion," Jones told OLBG.

“I didn't feel that the change he made was going to be good because you're getting a smaller guy to teach you how to fight a big guy. So, it was a tough situation for Garcia because I don't know if Garcia's been put in that situation. I didn't want to watch the second one because I didn't want to lose my hope that he could beat Usyk. [My plan to beat Usyk], it's the same concept that Garcia had in a sense, it's just that Garcia is a shorter guy. He has a different way of doing it.

"And to me it would be very difficult for him to communicate to Joshua how to do something - Joshua's a tall guy and Usyk is a tall guy. It's hard for a short guy to explain something to you that he never had to do. I'm not tall, but I had to deal with all of them.

"I went from junior middleweight to heavyweight. Nobody ever did that in the history of the sport. My range is a little bit different than Garcia's. I do understand what Garcia's plan was, but sometimes different backgrounds, different ways of articulating things to people - sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't - I don't think he was able to articulate it to Joshua where Joshua really understood it.”