By Chris Glover

York Hall, London - In a battle for the IBF East/West Super Featherweight title, Ronnie Clark - 21-4-2 (10KOs) won a twelve round majority decision over previously undefeated Zelfa Barrett - 19-1 (12KOs).

The opening round was cagey with both fighters feeling each other out for the majority of the opener with Clark was the busier of the two.

The fight come to life in the second as both fighters looked to land telling shots. Barrett looked excellent when he was allowed to work at range, throwing body shots that brought a smile to the face of his counterpart.

Clark continued to press the contest, as he attempted to close the range and rough Barrett up on the inside.

Despite delivering a low blow to Clark, 'Brown Flash' Barrett began to find his range from round three, landing some crisp counters and solid right hands.

The general theme of the fight continued, as the Manchester man worked well at ranged, whipping his shots in well. It was far from all Barrett however, as Clark closed distance well and forced the pace, landing good shots of his own.

Another close round with Clark pressing the fight and pushing the pace, but the better work coming from Barrett.

Clark continued to push the pace and success come in round six, as a fantastic right uppercut on the insight send Barrett to the floor! Barrett had previously been warned again for a low blow.

Barrett recovered from the knockdown and began throwing crisp combinations once again.

Dundee's Clark pace slowed somewhat in the latter rounds likely due to the ferocious pace he set in the first half of the fight, and the quality body shots landed throughout the contest by Manchester's Zelfa Barrett.

Barrett regained the range and continued to let some quality combinations flow. Clark continued to try and pressure the fight landing good single shots of his own.

Even as Clark slowed at times, rounds seven, eight, nine and ten were close and could have gone either way, dependant on how you score a fight.

Both fighters traded in some fearsome exchanges in both rounds ten and eleven, with both men going toe to toe in eye catching style in the eleventh.

The better work for the majority of the contest come from Zelfa Barrett, however, simply far more clean work come from Ronnie Clark throughout and that edged him the fight.

Clark was awarded the contest 116-111 x2 with one judge scoring it even 114-114.

Clark deserved the victory as he didn't stop coming all night and is now the IBF European Super Featherweight Champion.