Tyson Fury’s younger brother, Roman, is the latest Fury to enter the professional prizefighting amphitheater this weekend, as Roman debuts at the Doncaster Race Course, Yorkshire, UK. 

Roman is trained alongside Team Fury in Morecambe, and under the guidance of Jimmy James Harrington. The cruiserweight hope opened up on taking the professional road. 

Fury said, “I’m excited to be making my professional debut this weekend and thank you to all the team for helping me. Training alongside Tyson, Tommy, Jimmy Harrington, Joe Parker and the whole Fury team is a great experience in professional boxing and I’m learning every day. 

“I didn’t do much as an amateur and I’ve lost a lot of weight in the lead up to this. I’ve got sponsors on board I’m really grateful for who’ve allowed me to train full time and that’s only helped me get better. 

“I’m turning pro at cruiserweight and I’ve got a good opponent that always comes to fight on my pro debut, so I’m excited to get going and thanks to Jimmy and Steve Wood for getting me on in Doncaster this Saturday.” 

Fury trains alongside his brothers Tyson and brother Tommy, and he gave his take on the talk regarding Tyson’s potential ring return against Anthony Joshua. 

The ninth Fury to fight as a professional, Roman, discussed his big brother's future.

He stated, “I’m not sure if the fight happens with AJ and I hope it happens, because Tyson wins that fight every day, it’s not a hard fight for Tyson. Usyk is the same, Tyson is too big for Usyk and that will prove a big factor in the fight. For me, the hardest fight for Tyson is Joe Joyce. His engine is ridiculously, and that proves anyone a problem. Tyson is the number one at heavyweight, but Joyce is number two.”