As previously reported, Guillermo Rigondeaux suffered injuries to both eyes when a pressure cooker exploded while the boxer was preparing food.

The doctors who are treating him hope the Cuban boxer recovers all of his vision, because no major injuries were found in the cornea or in the macula of both eyes.

Rigondeaux, who suffered burns to his face and eyes when the pressure cooker exploded on Thursday night, is recovering at his Miami home after spending several hours in a hospital where he received first aid.

Osvaldo Nordelo, the main doctor who has been treating Rigondeaux for a decade, expressed a confident feeling in the boxer making a full recovery, without ruling out that he can return to boxing.

“I left his house and I can attest to Rigondeaux's tremendous improvement," commented Nordelo to George Ebro.

“It's not that he's lost so much of his vision, but it's more of his ability to withstand the intensity of lights. His cornea and macula were not broken, but they did suffer burns.”

According to Nordelo, the affected tissues generally regenerate relatively quickly and, if a mishap does not occur, Rigondeaux would recover one hundred percent of his vision, something that was of great concern to his family and team.

Rigondeaux, 41, was cooking black beans when something went wrong and the pressure cooker exploded, leaving him with two severely burned corneas and injuries to part of his face, but quick action by doctors at Kendall Regional Hospital averted further problems.

"In any case, this is a hard blow for Rigondeaux because we were already working on an upcoming fight in August," explained the manager of the Cuban boxer, Alex Bornote, to George Ebro.

"The important thing now is that he recovers his vision completely and later we will make a determination about his future."

This blow to Rigondeaux comes days after he returned from Dubai, where he suffered a unanimous decision loss to huge underdog Vincent Astrolabio.