Former world champion Guillermo Rigondeaux, 41-years-old, is eager to showcase the Cuban school of boxing when he returns to the ring on February 26 in Dubai.

Rigondeaux will look to bounce back after suffering a decision loss in his last fight, to WBO bantamweight champion John Reil Casimero.

He will face another Filipino fighter in 24-year-old Vincent Astrolabio, who trains in the Manny Pacquiao Boxing Gym.

Rigondeaux is a very big favorite to win the contest.

“We will be showcasing Cuban boxing in Dubai. We are going to be the ambassadors for Cuban boxing,” Rigondeaux told Khaleej Times.

“I don’t know much about [Astrolabio], but I know that he is a strong boxer and we are going to put on a good show on February 26. I just arrived here in Dubai [on Tuesday], but my preparations [for the Feb 26 fight] has been 100 percent at Miami.”

At his age, the two-time Olympic gold medal winner admits that he doesn't have a long future left in the sport.

He wants to take things one fight at a time.

“I have obtained all the titles in boxing and I don’t think I have a long road ahead. But I am going to continue as long as I can,” Rigondeaux said. “My family and my discipline. My family is my biggest motivation.

“I think for young boxers, it’s very important to find a good team, a team that they can count on. And, of course, we have come from Cuba. All the good Cuban boxers are here [for People’s Fighters event]. They can come and train with us!”