Former two division world champion Ricky Hatton believes the boxing public will ultimately embrace a potential showdown between rivals Chris Eubank Jr. and Conor Benn.

Eddie Hearn, promoter of Benn, is attempting to make a fight with Eubank for the month of December.

There are many observers who believe Benn should be precluded from taking part in that fight until he resolves his issues with the British Boxing Board of Control and UK Anti-Doping.

Last October, Benn was scheduled to face Eubank - but the fight was canceled after news broke that Benn had tested positive for a banned substance.

Earlier this year, the National Anti-Doping Panel lifted Benn's suspension, but their decision was appealed by the BBBofC and UKAD.

"At the end of the day, everything will be forgotten about. The fight fans will want to see the fight because of the history, and the recent history, because it adds a bit more juice and flavor to the occasion. I don’t think there is a bigger fight in boxing than this because of circumstances. It’s a great, great fight," Hatton stated to Casino Canada.

"The fact that Chris Eubank Jr has come back from his win against Liam Smith – I thought maybe they would have had a third fight just to because it’s 1-1 which would be fair because you’d say ‘listen I’ve won one fight, you’ve won one fight’. But if it’s a fight against Conor Benn or Gennadiy Golovkin, you’ve got to go for the paydays in boxing.

"I don’t think any of us expected the last performance (by Eubank Jr) and the fact there is a size difference. But I’ve seen Conor Benn very vicious, very explosive just like his dad was but his dad (Nigel Benn) is my hero and I hope his dad won’t mind me saying that Conor seems to have a bit more behind his ears than Nigel.

"There’s a little more caution (from Benn), a little more thinking about his attacks and at the end of the day, whether he’s got the same heart and chin as his dad remains to be seen as he hasn’t had to prove that yet. If he does have the same heart, and the same determination and drive as his dad then I think Benn Jr seems to have a little more savvy and patience and controlled aggression about him so it makes it very exciting. You have to say after Eubank’s last performance against Smith, he has to be a slight favorite but I fancy Conor to win."