Top cruiserweight contender Richard Riakporhe is confident in his ability to beat WBO world champion Chris Billam-Smith and he's willing to travel to Bournemouth to make the fight happen.

Riakporhe was not impressed with Billam-Smith's most recent performance from Sunday night, when the champion made his first defense against tough challenger Mateusz Masternak.

Billiam Smith had all he could handle and had to rally in the seventh round. Masternak, citing a broken rib, was unable to come out for the eight.

At the time of the stoppage, Masternak had a sizable lead on the scorecards.

Riakporhe is the WBO's number one contender to Billam-Smith's title and he believes his power will be too much.

"The shots he was being hit with by Masternak weren't heavy shots but you could see it was hurting him," Riakporhe told Sky Sports. "If I land one of those shots, how's he going to react? How's he going to react to a jab from me, or a right hand from me or a hook from me? It's going to be very dangerous.

"I've never seen Masternak in a situation like that. I didn't ever imagine that he wasn't going to get up off his stool. He must have a serious injury. He was looking really good in there, Masternak. He was bossing it. He was getting the shots. He was landing the shots and CBS was having a tough time in there. But we knew it was going to be like that. He got the win and that's the most important thing.

"I have the ability to knock out any cruiserweight in the world. So that's all I want to do, deliver to myself, my coaches and the boxing fans. What I believe deep down in my soul that I'm going to win and I will be in victorious in the fight with CBS for the WBO. And it won't be just a win, it's going to be a KO. Now it's time for new blood, fresh blood, somebody that has the ability and the potential to really do something amazing in the sport. I'm hungry."