Top cruiserweight contender Richard Riakporhe is inching closer to a world title opportunity.

Back in January, Riakporhe had few issues in scoring a knockout win over former world champion Krzysztof Glowacki.

However, the unbeaten boxer is having a lot of trouble securing fights with top contenders and world champions in the weight class.

"I believe that I'm one of the most dangerous fighters in the world so I don't blame them for ducking and diving me," Riakporhe told Sky Sports News.

The target at the top of Riakporhe's list is WBO world champion Lawrence Okolie.

The two punchers were recently involved in a confrontation at the London premiere of the Creed III motion picture.

According to Riakporhe, the confrontation took place because Okolie allegedly provoked him.

"I just saw someone come up behind me, just come into my space, so I just felt pretty threatened. I felt disrespected to say the least. One thing led to another, pushing and shoving and a few hugs and we just got separated," Riakporhe said.

"Hopefully if I don't feel threatened or disrespected then it'll be perfectly fine and cordial [if they meet again]. But one thing I'll say, I'll do my best not to throw any punches outside the ring and I haven't done it for over 10 years so I don't think that will happen."

Another possibility is newly crowned WBC world champion Badou Jack, who last weekend knocked out Ilunga Makabu to capture the world title.

In the aftermath, Riakporhe took to social media to call Jack out.

"As I predicted there's been no response whatsoever," Riakporhe said.

"I have more power. I may be slightly faster, more explosive, more athletic. I believe I'm intelligent. I've got great defense. I've got everything."