Manchester - Richard Riakporhe proved himself to be ready to challenge for a world championship with a consummate performance against a former world champion in Krzystof Glowacki, forcing the referee to stop the fight at the end of the 4th round after a barrage of right hands and left hooks.

Riakporhe badly hurt Glowacki in the second round, and looked close to scoring a knockdown, but the highly experienced Glowacki smartly managed the situation and saw out the round safely. 

Glowacki, who at one point held the WBO world title, remained tricky in the 3rd and 4th rounds, being evasive and finding opportunities to land counter-punches that forced Riakporhe to remain careful. Riakporhe stayed patient and landed a hard right hand that rocked Glowacki and made him fall back to the corner and eventually forced the stoppage.

Riakporhe looks destined to fight for a world cruiserweight championship in the next 12 months.

He called out all of the current titleholders to face him.

"Next stop all the champions!" Riakporhe declared afterwards.

"Jai Opetaia, I know you're watching this. Trust me, we're coming for you. [Ilunga] Makabu, you lot can't run no more. [Lawrence] Okolie, [Arsen] Goulamirian, I know all of you lot and I think about you every day when I go to sleep."

After the fight, Riakporhe was in the ring with former opponent Chris Billam-Smith. Their rematch is certainly in demand with domestic fans, but the two boxers pledged to collide for a second time - after each man captures a world title.