By Elisinio Castillo

Former two division world champion Ricardo Mayorga (32-11-1, 26 KOs), 46-years-old, has stated in an interview with Nuevo Diario that if he loses against Lester Martínez he will retire from boxing.

Martinez and Mayorga will face on April 6 in what would be the Guatemalan's professional debut, but according to a publication Hoy de Nicaragua, the fight could be in danger.

Martinez is a well regarded amateur star in the country, and he's now training with Hall of Famer Nacho Beristain of Mexico.

The Nicaraguan Commission sent a letter to the promoter and president of Pinolero Boxing, Marcelo Sánchez, ordering him to stop the fight.

However, there is a history that the same Commission allowed Mayorga to fight on two occasions when he was four years out without boxing, when loca promoter and former champion Rosendo Alvarez was in charge of the promotions.

"In the event that [Mayorga's fight] is carried out it's open violation of our regulations, we hold the promoter responsible for the consequences generated by applying appropriate sanctions," concludes the letter signed by the Secretary of Conibop, Carlos Marín.

For his part, Marcelo Sánchez came swinging out against the threats of the Commission and said that they have no legal basis, especially since it is a compromise between two promoters that has nothing to do with Nicaragua.

He assured that Mayorga is not his fighter, but that he simply signed a contract for the fight with Latin Arms Promotions.

According to Mayorga's contract for the bout, and to which La Prensa de Nicaragua had access, the veteran fighter will receive $8,000 for the fight.

Luis Pedro Cordón, of the Boxing Commission of Guatemala, sent a letter to the governing body in Nicaragua, in which he explained to them that they have no authority in another country.