By Haxel Ruben Murillo,

As previously reported, former two division world champion Ricardo Mayorga has announced his return to the ring on April 6 in Guatemala, as part of an event being staged by Pinolero Boxing and Latin Arms Promotions.

Mayorga will Lester Martinez, who is making his anticipated pro debut.

Martinez is regarded as a brilliant fighter in amateur boxing. He's a 2018 gold medal winner at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, Colombia - and feels very confident in his abilities to make his debut against a two-time world champion.

Mayorga, now 45-years-old, makes it clear that he's not continuing to fight for the money.

"I like challenges," Mayorga said. "I have a sports bar business, my wife has a nail salon, I have money in the bank, I always live on interest, I'm fine".

Mayorga did not even know Martinez's name until yesterday.

At this point in his life, little or nothing interests Mayorga with respect to which name he faces in the ring. The important thing for "El Matador" is what they will pay him. In this fight he will pocket 8 thousand dollars for 6 rounds of action at 170 pounds.

Mayorga is in shape, at least physically, with a thin build.

"The debuting boy wants to fight with me and I accepted. I still have the power to knock him out, because I haven't lost my punch. This boy made a mistake, and should have thought of facing an easier opponent. I'm going to knock him out quickly, in the first round," Mayorga said.

Mayorga does not care about people who criticize him or question his continuity in boxing.

"Why do not I keep fighting? I'm looking to win my final fights, nothing more. If they talk about Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the most famous person in the world, then why can't they not talk about anyone? How can they not talk about me? Those people who criticize are envious, they are people who are not happy."

After promising several times that he would definitely retire from boxing if he lost some of his previous bouts, Mayorga now seems willing to keep his word.

"If I lose I'll definitely hang up the gloves," Mayorga says.