By Elisinio Castillo

At the gates of his 46th birthday this Sunday, March 10, former two division world champion Ricardo Mayorga is back on track in his training camp.

After missing a few sessions last week, Mayorga's trainer says the boxer is now showing the intensity and desire of his younger years - that's the opinion of Luis León, who has the mission to put the controversial fighter on fire for his fight on April 6 against Guatemalan amateur star Lester Martinez.

Mayorga will try to do more than talk to Martinez, who left to train in Mexico with Hall of Famer trainer Ignacio "Nacho" Beristain, who aims to get the young boxer ready for his debut fight in professional boxing.

According to Leon, Mayorga is already at the agreed upon weight of 170 pounds and that his physical condition is optimal to pursue a victory against Lester Martinez, who has as a major point of reference, his gold medal won in the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla, Colombia in 2018.

"Ricardo has put a lot of effort into his preparation, last week he was at 170 pounds, on Tuesday after going for a run he made 166.... the the weight is not a problem. Ricardo is running an hour and a half in the morning, finishes with good stamina, and also attends the gym for his workouts. It's a show to see how serious Ricardo is taking this fight," said Leon to Carlos Montealto.

"I think the people who handle Lester Martinez were wrong to look for Mayorga for their first fight in professional boxing. Ricardo has not lost his punch, when he wants to be he is very smart in a fight and that will complicate the life of Lester... he is very fast and younger, but has no experience. Ricardo is training like he did when he went to look for his first titles, I know we're going to have a good fight."

Press conferences are scheduled for March 21 and 28 in Guatemala, where Mayorga and Martínez will be face to face to promote the bout.