It's seldom that Regis Prograis is on the opposite end of a call-out. The hard-hitting WBC super lightweight belt holder simply has the sort of power that can end the night of anyone he faces quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Devin Haney, however, sees a ton of flaws in his overall game. The newly turned 25-year-old wouldn’t point out exactly what he’s seen, but whatever caught his eye was enough for him to pursue Prograis. Officially, both will get it on in just over a week at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

Prograis isn’t a fool. Meaning, he knows what Haney excels at. He was never known as a gigantic puncher at 135 pounds, and Prograis figures that he’ll be pillow-fisted in his new weight class.

Don't expect to see the 34-year-old working behind the jab and playing the position game from the outside. That would entail a chess match, as opposed to the all-out war Prograis is aiming for. Once the pressure is on, the reigning champ is anticipating Haney will employ multiple game plans. Still, no matter what trick he pulls from up his sleeves, Prograis has a feeling that it won’t matter once he starts landing some serious leather.

“I really feel like it’s nothing Devin’s gonna be able to do. Nothing," Prograis told a group of reporters. "He can turn southpaw, he can try to walk me down, Devin can do anything he wants, I guarantee he’s not gonna have an answer. Once he feels these b------, this shit different.”

The work Prograis believes he’s putting in will only be accentuated come fight night but he isn’t the only one working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Haney, by and large, hasn't missed a day in the gym. And, thanks to his decision to move up in weight, he isn’t missing any meals either. When the flashy former undisputed champ isn’t pounding the heavy bag, he’s likely to be spotted in one of his expensive cars, rocking designer clothes, and jewelry. His face is well known in the Las Vegas scene. After December 9th, Prograis expects him to continue that trend. However, when he gets through with him, Prograis has a feeling that his friends and family will have a hard time recognizing him.

“I’m gonna f------ disfigure his face.”