Coventry, UK - Hard-hitting Reece Cartwright says even if Shakan Pitters can run as fast as sprint legend Usain Bolt, he will still stop him in his tracks and knock him out.

The Leeds banger takes on ‘Big Shak’ at the title packed show at the Coventry Skydome Arena on November 13, for the Vacant WBC International Light-Heavyweight title, live and free on Channel 5.

Pitters, the former British and Commonwealth champion, might have joked about being able to beat Bolt over 800m running backwards, but has seriously riled up his latest foe, by predicting he will take him out early.

Dangerman Cartwright has won 14 out of 23 fights by KO - with his last three fights ending in back-to-back KOs - and has only lost once so wants to show off his power and make the confident Birmingham man eat his words.

“I’ve seen some interviews with him saying he will just get in there and stop me quickly,” said the Yorkshireman.

“Well, my record speaks for itself and anyone who has been in the ring with me and said they were going to stop me, have been knocked out. All of them. 

“Pitters can say what he likes, but it is a very different story when you’re getting punched in the face all night. I am going to be on his chest and in his face all night. He can't hide behind that long jab all night. I will out-jab him, then smash him.

“And he’ll need to be able to run faster than Usain Bolt once he’s in the ring with me. He’ll realise that he will have nowhere to go. He’s not fast enough to escape.

“He’ll probably end up running backwards just to try and get away.”

Cartwright believed Pitters and the rest of British boxing are making a mistake and are overlooking his chances of becoming the WBC International Light-Heavyweight champion.

The 27-year-old has had one warm-up fight following almost three years out of the ring, in which he had to contend and conquer mental illness and indeed, fell out of love with boxing.

But back under the guidance of respected Manchester trainer Joe Pennington, the former English Middleweight champion is rejuvenated and in a good place again, and is delighted he is being billed as the underdog.

“The biggest factor on Saturday night might well be that he [Pitters] is just underestimating me,” he said.

“Maybe it’s because all my biggest fights have been at middleweight, and they think I am just going up to light-heavy for the money. I think he thinks I am just a fat middleweight, but he is wrong. 

“He knows I can bang. I’ve got the power, the strength, the speed. All of it.

“I’ve been around the block when I was younger, so I’ve got my fighting style, but I’ve been back working with Joe and have been tweaking it.

“We’ve been working and changing things, adding things. I am just a completely different fighter. If worse comes to worse and I have to go to Plan B, then I go to Plan B, rush him and smash him up.”