Tonight’s 5 x 5 bill in Saudi Arabia features five boxers from Queensberry Promotions against five from Matchroom Boxing.

It is a unique concept, with the overall winning team set to earn a $3,000,000 grand prize.

The 5x5 was due to be the undercard beneath the undisputed light heavyweight championship fight between WBA ruler Dmitrii Bivol and IBF, WBC and WBO champion Artur Beterbiev, but now all eyes are on the 5 x 5.

Bivol stays on the bill, and boxes challenger Malik Zinad at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh instead, after Beterbiev injured his knee and forced the postponement of that contest.

That leaves the show with the WBA featherweight title fight between Nick Ball and Raymond Ford, the light heavyweight bout between Craig Richards and Willy Hutchinson, a clash of heavyweights with Filip Hrgovic and Daniel Dubois, the middleweight bout between Hamzah Sheeraz and Ammo Williams and the heavyweight shootout between Zhilei Zhang and Deontay Wilder.

Matchroom’s boxers are Ford, Richards, Hrgovic, Williams and Wilder, with Team Queensberry made up of Ball, Hutchinson, Dubois, Sheeraz and Zhang.   

Wilder captain’s Team Matchroom; Sheeraz is the Queensberry leader.

The scoring works like this:

1 point for a victory via decision.

2 points for a stoppage win.

0 points for a draw.

Captains score double points, so if Wilder knocks out Zhang it is worth 4 points for Team Matchroom and if Sheeraz outscores Williams, it is worth 2 points.