Former world champion Shawn Porter is overly impressed with the recent performances from undefeated Australian superstar Tim Tszyu.

Tszyu is the mandatory challenger to undisputed world champion Jermell Charlo. The World Boxing Organization ordered the contest to take place by the end of September.

This past Saturday night in Australia, Tszyu blew away Mexican contender Carlos Ocampo in only 77 seconds.

The big win followed his victory from this past March, when he broke down and stopped former world champion Tony Harrison - the only boxer to hold a victory over Charlo.

Charlo has been inactive, due to a hand injury, since May of 2022, when he knocked out Brian Castano in their rematch.

Based on the circumstances, Porter could even see Tszyu being viewed as the favorite against Charlo.

“That’s the key word right there - confidence. He’s on physically. He’s growing in terms of his experience and in his mentality in the ring, those boxers’ eyes that we talked about earlier,” Porter said on Main Event. “Knowing what you’re seeing and taking control where you can. Now his confidence is growing.

“This is a big problem for Charlo. Look at all this momentum on the side of Tim Tszyu. Tim Tszyu has so much to talk about when they go to a press conference, or they go to this and that - Charlo has to keep his mouth shut, because Charlo hasn’t been busy. What can he talk crap about? Nothing.

“Guess what - everything’s on Tim’s side to win this fight. I even guarantee that even from a standpoint of bookies, if bookies don’t put Tim as the favorite, they’re just favoring Charlo. Tim Tszyu is now the favorite to win and become undisputed.”

The fight with Charlo will take place in the United States, possibly in Las Vegas, which is going to provide the champion with the home advantage.

Porter does not see Tszyu being affected by a potential hostile crowd.

“Hey, listen, let’s play devil’s advocate here. He’s doing this at home. You’re right, he is doing this at home,” Porter said.

“But this crowd is still loud. This crowd is still big. He’s still got a lot going on where he’s got to handle tickets, and he’s got to handle this person being there, and that person being there. When he goes abroad and he goes back to America to fight Charlo he doesn’t have to worry about trying to put himself anywhere. He doesn’t have to worry about family and friends being at this place and that place. He’ll be even calmer and more focused and he was here with two big wins here in Australia.”