By Hisao Adachi

Tokyo, Japan.- The veteran challenger to the World Boxing Council flyweight title, Saul "Baby" Juarez of Mexico, and Japanese champion Ken Shiro, were approved without problems when they underwent their medical examinations by the Boxing Commission of Japan ahead of their commitment on Sunday, December 30 in Tokyo.

Juarez (24-8-2 and 13 KOs) had no trouble meeting the medical parameters and reported in great shape for the fight, and time of the Asian nation it has been satisfactorily.

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"I've adapted well, thank God, it's not as cold as we expected, we went to places like Tokyo Dome, Akihabara and two other places we could visit a half after training," Saul said.

Similarly Shiro undefeated (14-0 and 8 KOs) passed without major problems, even joking with the Mexican who is a little lower in height.

"We have been training hard in the Teiken Gym like my father and Mr. Ricardo Maldonado who is with us at all times, we have been treated well, thank God for the people of Japan, I feel already adapted to the schedule and the weather, no it is nothing new, and it just keeping weight to lose very little on the last day and everything is good," he said.

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