By James Blears 


World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman says the presentation of the Emerald Belt in Mexico City heralds a new epoch in boxing.


Mauricio explained that Larry Holmes was chosen to do the formal presentation:

"Because he's one of the greatest Champions in the history of boxing. He was heavyweight champion for seven and  a half years, and Larry represents the greatness of the WBC."


As for Larry jumping in the swimming pool when he won the WBC belt himself, Mauricio grinned: "That's a memory my Father always had.  He remembered him winning the title at Caesar's Palace and he went straight from the ring, to the swimming pool keeping the belt around his waist!


"This belt has more than 3,000 emeralds, it's beautiful and it's absolutely priceless!"


In his presentation speech Mauricio says this day had long been a dream of his father Don Jose, who was very fond of and close to both Floyd and Manny, and that Don Jose's spirit was here in this historic event.