INDIO, CALIF. - Former champion Joseph Diaz (31-1-1, 15 KOs) and Shavkat Rakhimov (15-0-1, 12 KOs) fought to a twelve round majority draw. (photos by Tom Hogan/Hoganphotos)

The scores were 115-113 for Diaz, 114-114, 114-114.

Because Diaz was 3.6-pounds overweight on Friday, the vacant IBF super featherweight title was only on the line for Rakhimov.

diaz-rakhimov-fight (9)

Diaz was doing some solid work in the first two rounds, boxing and landing quick counters. Rakhimov began to get more aggressive and put his punches together in the third - busting up the nose of Diaz.

diaz-rakhimov-fight (10)

Rakhimov was pressing forward in the fourth, coming forward to make it a fight. Diaz was looking for counters and holding his own. In the fifth, Rakhimov was far more active with very quick combinations. More of the same in the sixth round.

diaz-rakhimov-fight (11)

Diaz was applying a lot more pressure in the seventh round, landing some accurate punches on Rakhimov. The eight was a give and take round, with both landing solid shots. Diaz was upping his workrate and applying more pressure. Near the end of the round, Rakhimov landed a big shot that seemed to move Diaz. In the ninth, Rakhimov started well, with Diaz gaining steam with his work as the action played out.

diaz-rakhimov-fight (6)

Diaz continued to pick things up in the tenth, coming forward with a lot of punches and taking the fight to Rakhimov. In the eleventh, Diaz was throwing more and landing more, as Rakhimov had really slowed down and was taking more punches.

diaz-rakhimov-fight (7)

During the twelfth, they were taking their time and making it a tactical fight. Diaz landed the better punches with Rakhimov unable to close strong.

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