BT Sport Studio, UK - In a battle of heavyweights, Olympic silver medal winner Joe Joyce (11-0, 10 KOs) dropped Michael Wallisch (20-4, 13 KOs) three times to secure the stoppage in the third round.

Joyce is scheduled to face fellow undefeated, Daniel Dubois - who himself has to win an interim-fight with Erik Pfeifer on August 29. If Dubois wins, he will face Joyce on October 24.

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When the fight started in the first, Wallisch was having flashes of success by landing hard shots to the head of Joyce. Wallisch was able to land several right hands. They were trading away at the start of the second round. Joyce was really picking up the pace and pressing forward with hard shots. He landed a few big punches to the head and body that sent Wallisch down in the final thirty seconds.

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At the start of the third, Joyce dropped Wallisch for a second time with a hard left hook. Wallisch got up, he was tagged with more hard punches and the went down for a third time - which prompted the referee to wave it off.

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