Ontario, California - In a middleweight bout, Armando Resendiz fought fire with fire, to break down and stop former unified junior middleweight champion Jarrett Hurd, when the doctor stopped the contest at the start of the tenth round. (photos by Esther Lin)

resendiz-hurd-fight (1)

Resendiz got off to fast start as he jumped on Hurd with big punches in the first round. Hurd, as usual, was starting slow. In the second, Resendiz went right back after Hurd. It was back and forth fighting, but it was Resendiz getting off better.

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During the third, Hurd was starting to use his jab a lot better and began to get off better with punches. Resendiz was picking up in the fourth, as they continued to trade often. Hurd continued to up his connect rate. In the fifth, Resendiz seemed to have the edge as they exchanged punches in close.

resendiz-hurd-fight (10)

The sixth saw Resendiz getting off better and connecting with more punches. Resendiz continued t outland and outwork Hurd as the seventh round action played out. Every time Hurd connected well, Resendiz would come right back with several punches.

resendiz-hurd-fight (8) 

Hurd began to box during the eight, but it was Resendiz who was being aggressive and pressing the fight. The ninth saw Resendiz continued to unload with punches, Hurd seemed too spent to turn the tide. He would connect with punches, with Resendiz walking right through them.

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When the tenth and final round began, the doctor wanted to take a look at Hurd and stopped the fight after examining a severe cut on Hurd's lip.

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