Erik Pfeifer, who holds two wins over Olympic gold medal winner Tony Yoka in the amateurs, believes he would have knocked out Daniel Dubois had they collided as scheduled.

Pfeifer (7-0, 5 KOs) was set to face Dubois last August, but ten days prior to the fight he was replaced by Ricardo Snijders.

Dubois' team claimed Pfeifer and his handlers did not submit the proper medical documents to get approved by the BBBoC - while Pfeifer felt he was intentionally removed from the contest to prevent an upset.

Dubois' bout was a complete mismatch. Snidjers was battered, getting dropped four times before the contest was waved off.

The victory allowed Dubois to move forward to a high-stakes fight with Olympic silver medal winner Joe Joyce.

"Everyone knows why they took another guy and fight with them, not with me," Pfeifer told Sky Sports.

"They only told me one week before the fight. I was the whole time in training and was happy to fight with Daniel Dubois, and then they changed me. It was not fair and wasted all my camp.

"We had a press conference and I see up close fear in his eyes. He quit against me before he quit against Joyce. He has no heart and is not a real fighter. He is a quitter."

Joyce was able to weather Dubois' early storm. He fractured Dubois' orbital bone, forcing the younger man to voluntarily take a knee for the full count in the tenth round.

Pfeifer feels confident that he would have ended Dubois in similar fashion.

"I think so. When he hits someone, he just stands there. That's a mistake," said Pfeifer. "Technically, I'm much better than Daniel Dubois."

"I wish Joyce a lot of good fights. He's a good guy, I like him. Hopefully we can have a fight between us. I would love to fight everybody."