David Higgins, manager of former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, has revealed that his boxer sustained an elbow injury during Saturday's split decision win over Derek Chisora.

Both boxers expressed interest in a rematch - after a very close twelve round contest.

Parker was dropped in the first round and had to battle hard to pull out a split decision win. Chisora won on one card with a score of 115-113, while Parker received cards of 115-113 and 116-111.

The New Zealand star has had a long history with elbow related issues.

Prior to his 2018 clash with Anthony Joshua, Parker underwent surgery on both elbows.

And then last December he had surgery to remove bone chips from both elbows.

The extent of the current issue is unknown.

"Joe did tell me that he suffered an elbow injury halfway through," Higgins told Sky Sports.

"He hasn't said that publicly, I don't know if he will, but he did tell me that. He's going to get his right elbow looked at, because that could be why you didn't see the flurry at the end when Chisora was on the ropes. Joseph, he's got a bit of an issue that's he's going to get looked at, and hopefully cleared. Hopefully it's a minor issue.

"I thought [the fight with Chisora] was close, but I thought Joseph won. I was hoping the officials would call it that way and they did. I don't think there was any robbery of Chisora. Yes, the first-round knockdown put them ahead, but Joe looked quite composed and caught up over time, such that by the end, I thought it was a narrow win to Joe. I'm just relieved that the officials called it that way."