Former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker could be heading in the direction of a rematch with Derek Chisora.

Earlier this month, Parker won a very close twelve round split decision over Chisora in Manchester.

Parker was dropped early in the first round and had to fight through some very tough moments for the majority of the contest.

In the aftermath, both boxers expressed interest in having an immediate rematch.

Parker's manager, David Higgins, is currently negotiating a new multi-fight deal with Matchroom Sport. He is currently discussing the terms of the promotional arrangement with Matchroom CEO Frank Smith.

And the Chisora rematch is part of the multi-fight deal.

“We are looking to shape up a Chisora rematch,” Higgins confirmed to Stuff in New Zealand.

“There’s a lot of water to go under the bridge, and it is boxing. But Joseph likes the rematch … he knows what he is dealing with in Chisora, and by executing his plan better he will make quicker work of him, beat him more emphatically, and clear up any doubts about it. Chisora is of the view that he was robbed, and he wants the opportunity for a rematch.

“The fight was good enough, close enough, and interesting enough that Matchroom and us feel it warrants another big show. That’s the bedrock of making a deal, now it’s about making the detail and the ball is in Matchroom’s court.”

The only issue that may potentially derail a rematch, is Chisora's monetary demand to do a second fight. According to Higgins, the financial demand from Chisora is "delusional."

“I was wondering if Chisora was losing his mind like Robert Mugabe did in his last days,” Higgins said.