By Rafael Soto

Omar ¨Businessman¨ Chavez returned to the path of victory by unanimous decision over Argentine fight Nicolás Luques Palacios, in a ruling that divided opinions and before a large crowd in the Sports Center "Juan S. Millán" of Culiacan, Mexico

Chávez (37-5-1, 24 KO's), started the early rounds very well, gave awaw intermediate rounds and closed the last two rounds strong - which ended up making a difference and that allowed him to cut a streak of two consecutive defeats, the last against another Argentine fighter in Durango this past May.

The judges' scores were 96-94 three times, all in favor of Chavez, 28 years old.

The son of the legend did not have the power in his fists to look for the knockout, and he ran into a fierce Argentine who was always throwing punches.

Luques connected a right to the face that shook the humanity of the Sinaloa fighter, who by the third round seemed to slow down with hard breaths and moving slowly.

Omar's left hand was cocked from the first bell. He kept it always down, neglecting his guard and making it easier for Nicholas' left hand to enter easily.

The Argentine, who in every round was always coming forward, slowed down a bit to recover strength in the sixth round. Chávez caught him then with a right hand to the face, but seconds later Nicolás responded by punishing the body.

Chávez suffered a wound on his right cheekbone in the seventh after a clash of heads and began to retreat. In the eighth, Omar responded to the attack of the Argentine boxer and managed to land two good blows to the head but without much power.

They reached the ninth in which Luques looked more complete, but Omar got into his guard, closed the spaces and took a few seconds to the ropes to place several hits to the liver area.

Determined to find the knockout, both engaged in an exchange of blows from the start of the last round - until the end. Omar, more physically handicapped, came out to gamble. His eye was badly hurt but he drew strength from weakness.

Pedro "La Roca" Campa landed a powerful shot from the depths to the face of Venezuelan Adrian "Mochorito" Perez, and claimed a victory by knockout in two rounds after he was at risk of being stopped due to a dangerous cut.

Campa (30-1, 20 KOs), took Perez on the ropes after a strong exchange of punches, and it was there where he caught him with that right that sent him to the canvas. Perez stood up but after the referee Leonardo Bermudez had seen enough.

"The Rock" had received a large cut on the eyelid of the left eye that required a medical examination just after 2 minutes of the first round. In his corner they plugged that wound that began to bleed heavy at the start of the second round when Perez landed two left jabs.