Merida, Mexico - Omar “Pollo” Aguilar extended his undefeated record “with the hallmark of the house” - the explosiveness and forcefulness of his fists.

Aguilar (23-0, 22 KO's) knocked out Ricardo “Ricky” Banuelos (17-7-1, 7 KO's) at 24 seconds of the second round, whom he knocked down twice, and both times with powerful left hooks to the jaw.

Traditionally, the long right is the blow with which Aguilar defines his fights, but on this occasion, he had the key to victory with the left hook to the face.

After a first round of study, in which even Banuelos found gaps in "Pollo's” guard, Aguilar came out more focused and patient, waiting for the right moment to attack.

And in the opening seconds of the second round, after a faint with the right, Aguilar landed a left hand to the jaw, which sent Banuelos to the canvas, even bouncing off the ropes. He got up hurt, but the referee allowed him to continue in the fight. And the end was immediate.

As soon as Aguilar approached Banuelos again, he repeated that forceful left to the face that now knocked him down in a dramatic, forceful way. The count was not necessary, because he was out cold.

Banuelos spent a few minutes on the canvas, but after receiving medical attention, he got up and left the ring fully recovered.

Aguilar achieved his 23rd victory and his 22nd knockout, and his next fight could be in the United States.

The local prospect, Nestor Lopez Jr, lost his unbeaten record, falling to a brave and powerful southpaw rival, Erick “Terrible” Robles, from Ensenada, in a fight with a lot of action and intensity, over eight rounds at featherweight.

Robles (10-1-0, 7 KO's) was aggressive from the first round, he even staggered his rival, and based his fight on power shots. The left hook to the face was his main weapon.

Lopez (14-1-0, 7 KO's) was brave and responded to the exchange of blows. He sought to punish the body and had moments of brilliance, however, he was frequently cracked by power shots.

At the end of the eight rounds, Robles got the unanimous decision, with cards of 80-72, 79-73 and 77-76.

The North American champion, Gohan Rodriguez, imposed his level and boxing, to achieve an important, deserved and well-worked victory by unanimous decision over the home idol, Miguel "Joyita" Herrera, in a fight that kept the fans excited, who always encouraged their representative.

Rodriguez (11-1-1, 1 KOs) maintained rhythm and intensity, was precise in his combinations and when defending, he made Herrera fail with his leg, waist and head movements.

However, “Joyita” (22-4-5, 8 KO's) was always dangerous, especially on the counterattack, and although he had very good moments, he could never find consistency or power.

At the end of the eight rounds of the flyweight fight, Gohan Rodríguez won by unanimous decision, with cards 80-72, 79-73 and 77-75.