British and Commonwealth featherweight champion Nathaniel Collins (15-0, 7 KOs) is recovering after undergoing a life-saving operation to correct a twisted bowel that forced the Scotsman to be hospitalized on Monday.

“I thought I would post a quick update as very few people know and everyone is wondering why I am so quiet/not got back to them,” Collins confirmed on Instagram regarding his hospitalization on Monday.

“Monday 21st of May, I got rushed to hospital after experiencing unbearable pain in my abdomen and sternum, which was causing my body to shake and convulse uncontrollably.

“After getting to the hospital and receiving tests, the doctors detected I had a twisted bowel and deemed it life-threatening.

After Collins was admitted and consulted with medical staff, surgeons determined that his condition was indeed dire and operated for more than eight hours to untwist and repair Collins’ bowel.

“Due to this, I was taken up to the theatre and underwent major emergency surgery for 8+ hours to untwist my bowel and repair the damage,” Collins continued. “Thankfully, the surgery went well, and I am currently recovering in the hospital. [I am] just making this post so people aren’t worrying I am not getting back to them.

“I feel very grateful to the surgeon who helped save my life. He made such a conscious effort to do as much damage control as possible. Also, a huge thank you to all the staff helping look after me here.”

Collins featured against Francesco Grandelli at York Hall in London on May 11, claiming the EBU silver title courtesy of a unanimous decision win. 

Despite the surgery being deemed successful, Collins has not (and rightfully) told his followers if or when he will be able to resume his career following the intensive surgery, or indicated what his next steps will be. 

“[I’m] still in a lot of pain and discomfort but hopefully have more news on my recovery/next steps soon.”