By Carlos Boogs

Martin Murray beat Gabriel Rosado on a controversial majority points decision to claim the WBA Inter-continental middleweight championship title in Liverpool.

Murray was awarded the victory on a split decision, with one judge scoring it 119-109 in the St Helens fighter’s favour.

That incensed Rosado, who berated the judges after the fight and had to be pulled away from Murray as the two men squared up in a near brawl.

Murray was perhaps the better boxer throughout, but had to withstand a late barrage as Rosado tried to get the knockout in the final couple of rounds.

"I know I won the fight and then the next thing is, he is f***ing mouthing off. To be honest he's been pissing me off all week. He's come over with his ... he's an alright guy, but he's a bit of a prick. I kind of bit me tongue with it all week. And then he was mouthing off after the fight. He was right, it was never 119-109," Murray told IFL TV.

"I went up to him and said 'what's happening, why are you mouthing off for? I won the fight easy.' And then he got in me face. And then Eddie [Hearn] said he threw a punch.. I can't remember. I think we both threw one at the same time and then just got split up."

"It was never 119-09, but it was never 114-114 a draw. Somewhere in-between them scores was right. I won the fight as simple as that. He's mouthing off because he wants a rematch. It was make or break for both us, a crossroads fight. He knows that."

"[The low blows] weren't intentional. There were a few low, but not once did I do them intentional. At the same time, he hit me four times after the bell. Do you know what I mean? It's a fight. These things happen. Fair play to him, he took a few that were low. Then he started whinging about a few that were low and weren't low. These things happens, it's a fight. F*** him."