Cruiserweight Muhsin Cason envisions a fight with Tommy Fury as an exciting potential match-up - one day - just not next. 

Cason will face veteran DeShon Webster in a six-round fight on April 27th from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. 

The 30-year-old fighter Cason (11-0, 6 KOs) is the brother of former heavyweight world champion Hasim Rahman. His brother is twenty-one years older than him at age 51. Yet, he has made his lane for himself - not being in his brother’s shadow. Instead, he has begun to occupy the space and time between professional boxing and influencer boxing. In November of the past year, he fought on an influencer card. He stopped Piotr Budziszewski in the second round of their scheduled fight on that card. 

His fight against Webster (12-7-3, 6 KOs) is one step closer to his ultimate goal of becoming a world champion. Webster has been stopped in his last three fights but fought Samuel Clarkson to a draw in 2020. 

“I think this fight is another step-up, another tough opponent, where I can gradually get to the world stage, where I can say I can be ranked [for a world title],” explained Cason. “I am getting prepared to be in the [top fifteen] of the world rankings within the next year. 

“I appreciate the sport for what it is, and I am growing with it,” Cason told BoxingScene. “Whichever route it goes I will be ready for it. If it is going to go the social media route - no problem I will go that route. But, if it is going back to world champions fighting world champions I am right there with them."

Given his history in the sport. The family he comes from - and his pedigree. Cason sees a future fight on the horizon if everything goes according to plan. That is another fighter who merges the lines of professional boxing and influencer boxing - Tommy Fury, the brother of Tyson Fury. That is the fight Cason wants one day, but he also stated that he wanted to earn it rather than call for it. 

“I just think he has a lot of money, he talks this talk like he is a real boxer, but he has only faced [limited competition],” said a perplexed Cason. “He has never faced a real boxer like that, and I think if he got in there with me, Viddal Riley, someone like that he’d get [hurt], and I definitely think he has used his brother’s [Tyson Fury] platform and likability in order to get [his big fights].”

“To call yourself a real boxer, and the next world champion - and to never fight an actual prospect,” Cason questioned with noticeable frustration. “You have yet to even challenge yourself against a real fighter.”

Cason was quick to explain that he feels Jake Paul, who fought Fury is very good for the level he is at. Yet, Paul is still relatively new to the sport of boxing - and for Tommy Fury to proclaim himself a professional boxer without facing fighters of a similar pedigree makes him question his determination to be a world champion.

Cason was quick to point out that he doesn’t have the resume or accomplishments as of now to call out Fury, but when he does he feels it will be a good fight - a money fight. A fight that could do a lot for boxing in many different ways. 

“I think it would be good for television, it would be good for social and it would be good for boxing,” furthered Cason about a fight with Fury. “Both of our brothers are [heavyweight] world champions. We are both per se trying to get to a world championship. I think it would be a legacy fight.”

Cason is an astute businessman, as he echoed his sentiments about where he believes he exists currently in the sport of boxing. He feels he walks a thin and fine line between a pro boxer and an entertainer. 

“You are going to get paid more for being a personality than being a professional boxer,” retorted Cason. “So what I did was - I said I am going to be both. I am going to have the skills [of a professional boxer], but I am going to have the personality to be on the platforms like Jake Paul’s cards and be on influencer cards as well because I know where the money is.”