Former world champion Miguel 'Alacran' Berchelt has revealed that his rise to the lightweight limit of 135 pounds is imminent, after the resounding knockout loss against fellow Mexican Oscar Valdez, which took place at super featherweight on February 20 in Las Vegas.

Berchelt recognized that Valdez had a great night and accepted that physically he was never in the battle, but promised to return and with strength.

“No, it was not my night, we must not demerit the work that my opponent, Oscar, did. He made a great fight, made a great preparation and well the result is there, the truth is that it was already very hard for me to make super featherweight," Berchelt told ESPN Deportes.

"I don't want to make excuses because at the end of the day I think there are none in boxing. It was not my night, it was not the best version of myself, the truth is that I did not feel as fast as I did on other nights, it may be that the weight affected me, maybe going to lightweight is something that I see in the near future."

He was insisted on what could define his promotion in the category, and said that it will be a final analysis with his team.

“Without a doubt, moving to the lightweight division is something that I see as being very close [in my future], but we are going to sit down with our team, with Mario Abraham with Fernando Beltrán with Alfredo Caballero and see what was done well, what was done wrong, go through the film, make the necessary adjustments and come back stronger, correct the mistakes in the manner that was done after my first loss, which was a loss that I had many years ago and then became world champion," Berchelt said.

Commenting that there was a lot of criticism on his trainer, Alfredo Caballero, for not stopping the fight before that knockout came in the tenth round.

"It's normal, people are going to crucify you when the results are not what they want, but the truth is, I felt good, I felt strong and I told Caballero not to stop the fight, I think that's why he chose not to stop it. I think he knows his fighter, he knows about my goal... that I wanted to win," Berchelt said.