Melissa Oddessa Parker (3-0, 2 KOs) continued her explosive performance in the professional ranks, as the 9-time national amateur champion viciously overcame the challenger and undefeated, Brittany Simms this past weekend in Greenville, South Carolina to become NABF super bantamweight champion.

Melissa Oddessa is originally from Bushwick, in Brooklyn, New York. An area that is home to fellow hard hitting member of Team Havoc, Edgar Berlanga Jr.

The team Havoc theme of hard hitters and getting their opponent out quickly continued this past Saturday night, via another first round stoppage victory, this time for Melissa Oddessa in her NABF title challenge.

A short left hand counter sent Simms down to the canvas. The referee correctly brought the contest to a halt after the follow up barrage of blows from Bella Bestia, concluding the main event in the opening round.

Melissa Oddessa, and new NABF Champion, discussed her performance and her plans for the future. She said, “I was happy with my performance, I felt her best shot early in the fight and it gave me confidence to step in more and start putting combinations together. I’m ranked now, so if you have a world title belt I’m coming for you.”

“I’m a veteran of not just boxing, but the Army and Marines. I’m Afro-Latina and from NYC. That mix really makes me the person I am today. That is who Bella Bestia is.”

Elaborating further, Parker spoke on her plans to become world champion in 2021. “I hope to be back soon. I will talk with my manager but I want to be back in the ring in February for the world title. I’d like to start at bantamweight so I’m looking to face Yulihan Luna for the WBC bantamweight world title next.”

Parker went on to say, “I’d like to do things the old school way, back when you fought a champion to become a champion. I’m not interested in randomly jumping weight classes or chasing vacant belts. I’d like to start at bantamweight, unify and then work my way up in weight class. As I said in my post fight interview, anyone from bantamweight to featherweight is on my radar. I am coming for the champions, starting with Luna. Let’s make the fight happen next in February!”