Veteran trainer and former world champion Buddy McGirt is willing to help Deontay Wilder prepare for a trilogy fight with Tyson Fury.

Last month at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Fury stopped Wilder in the seventh round to capture the WBC heavyweight title.

Afterwards, Wilder exercised his option for an immediate rematch clause - with the third bout targeted for July 18th.

Wilder was angered at the outcome of his last fight, because co-trainer Mark Breland threw in the towel in the seventh round.

The once-beaten champion has decided to retain Breland and head trainer Jay Deas.

Wilder and Fury fought to a controversial twelve round split draw in December 2018, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

McGirt is willing to come in there and help out the Wilder team in their pursuit of victory in the third meeting.

"He just needs minor adjustments, nothing major," McGirt told Sky Sports.

"Everybody is making a big thing, like he has to make these big, major changes. No, just little minor things. What he has been doing has been working for him so far. I think he got away from a lot of basic stuff.

"I'm not going to say too much wrong, I just want to say, relying on the power too much. You've got to set it up. Some people will give it to you to knock them out, some people you've got to set them up. It's called the overlay for the underplay.

"I just think he has the potential to beat [Fury]. I don't want to say knockout, but I believe he has the potential to beat him. Like I say, if he makes little minor adjustments, I think he can win it. I don't know what was wrong. There's only two people that know what was wrong with him that night - that's him and god - but he definitely wasn't himself. He has enough time, but the question is - mentally will he be ready?"