Three months have passed since former two division world champion Ricardo Mayorga left a rehabilitation center in Nicaragua. He spent a month and a half in the facility to overcome his battle with alcohol and drug addictions.

However, Mayorga has not yet decided to take the next step which is to go to Julio César Chávez's clinic in Mexico, a place known for changing the lives of many celebrities who have hit rock bottom in this dark world of vices. Everything indicates that the boxer is not 'convinced' to leave his family for an extended period of time.

Bismarck Morales, in charge of the WBC for Central America, indicated that the agency's offer is still there, to pay for Mayorga's expenses to get help at Chavez's clinic.

“The last time I saw Ricardo Mayorga at Rosendo Alvarez's house, I saw him sober, in good condition. However, the World Boxing Council maintains its offer to complete the process in Mexico. The truth is that I do not know the reason why he has not left, I imagine that he still does not want to take that leap," Morales explained to La Prensa.

Former world champion Rosendo Alvarez has been a huge supporter of Mayorga's long fight to overcome his personal demons.

“It is never enough when fighting addictions to just stop, the fight continues. It is not about being well for just a few months. Going to Mexico is a decision for Mayorga and his family. They need to agree, the tickets are ready, the rehab site awaits. Everything is in his court, he is no longer a child. We have done everything that was in our power," Alvarez said.

“Mayorga comes to my house a lot. I have not touched on the subject because I don't see him being convinced [on taking that next step]. Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the WBC, told me that if he makes the decision to leave, they would gladly support him. Sometimes he comes over alone or with his wife and I can assure you that he has come here in good condition."