Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) staged a boxing gala presented by La Reine des Bières and Mise-O-Jeu at the Hilton Hotel in Quebec, behind closed doors.

This event featured the rematch between Steve Claggett and Mathieu Germain in the main event.

Their first encounter was Canada's 'fight of the year' in 2019 and the rematch was just as spectacular. The first bout ended in a ten round split draw.

Knowing that this fight was very important for the two pugilists, Claggett and Germain put in all of the necessary efforts in their training camps in order to leave no doubt to the spectators.

Faithful to his habits, Claggett put the pressure on right from the first bell against Germain, who showed excellent defense as well as beautiful counter-attacks.

Although Claggett was intense the whole fight, Germain listened to his corner men and won most of the exchanges in the ten hotly contested rounds.

At the end of hostilities, the judges displayed widely different cards leaving some fans perplexed.

However, Germain was crowned the winner in the most important fight of his career.

The official judges scored it split decision, with Claggett receiving a tally of 97-93 - while the remaining two judges had it 97-93 and 96-94 for Germain.