Trainer Malik Scott believes Deontay Wilder is in an enviable position as the latter contemplates retiring from boxing.

Wilder, the former WBC titleholder from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, recently hinted that his third match against Tyson Fury this past summer may have been the last time he enters a boxing ring. Fury won by 11th round TKO in a thriller.

“It’s mixed feelings because ultimately I have accomplished all my goals in this sport,” Wilder told Kevin Hart on an episode of Cold as Balls. “I told my daughter when she was one that I’d be a champion and I’d be able to support her beyond her belief.

“I’ve done that. There’s a lot of things that I’ve accomplished that I feel I have to prove to anyone because I’ve already proven. Should I push forward? Should I give it a go one more time? Or should I just retire and focus on the other things that I already have, other things that I want to get into?”  

Scott, who became Wilder’s head trainer going into the third match against Tyson Fury, says he will support Wilder in whatever he chooses to do. Suffice to say, Scott thinks Wilder has nothing left to prove.

“I know people have been hearing about Deontay,” Scott told Boxing News. “He has spoken about having the option to retire which is true. Like I told him the other day, it’s a blessing to be in his position. I told Deontay: bro, you can do whatever it is you want to do. If you stay in the game, you become two-time heavyweight champion of the world. If you retire, you’ve got everything that you came for. Either way, you win.

“Do you know how many fighters that aren’t in that position? They fight because they have to, they literally can’t retire. The man started in this sport because he wanted to take care of his daughter, he’s done that. And he became [WBC] heavyweight champion of the world…and he’s made financial gains…and smart investments. He’s in a hell of a position, man.”