Former world champion Kiko Martinez, 34-years-old, is still fuming over the scorecards in last Saturday's fight with Zelfa Barrett, which took place at SSE Arena in Wembley.

In a very close contest, where some felt Martinez did enough to win or at the very least deserved a draw, two of the official judges issued very wide scores in favor of Barrett.

There were plenty of stunned observers when tallies of 116-113, 118-111 and 118-111 were announced in favor of Barrett, who walked away with a unanimous decision win.

Eddie Hearn, who promotes Barrett, was very critical of the scoring and said he found it "absolutely disgusting" that Martinez was only given credit for two rounds on two separate cards.

In the aftermath, thousands of fans marched to social media and blasted the official judges.

Martinez felt Barrett and his team were ashamed by the outcome.

"[The judges] hurt this sport, they didn't do their job well," Martinez told Marca.

"[Barrett and his team] did not expect it themselves, they believed they had lost the fight. They did nothing to win, even with the exaggeration of the scorecards they were ashamed, but the fault lies in the lack of professionalism of the judges. Even with the Mexican [Mauricio] Lara it was happening. They can fool the boxer but not the public."

"When I was up there [waiting for the scores], I didn't expect that. I thought: what else do I have to do? There were rounds where Barrett landed two punches. Do you have to go out and kill someone to win? What I want is a rematch and I think they want it too. This cannot be left that way - and it will stain boxing and that fighter. It has to be done now, because what has happened is not good for anyone. This will not be forgotten, a lot of damage has been done."

Martinez did offer words of praise to Hearn for his strong support when the fight was over.

"He was ashamed and publicly rebuked the judges. That was very noble on his part, and I sincerely believe that he is the right person to lift boxing. He is someone honest and the rematch is in his hands," Martinez said.