Former world champion Amir Khan feels confident that light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury would overcome social media star Jake Paul in a potential fight.

Fury, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, was scheduled to face Paul last month - as the main event of a Showtime Pay-Per-View card.

As the fight drew near, Fury withdrew with a fractured rib and a chest infection.

Fury was quickly replaced by former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Paul scored a brutal one-punch knockout of Woodley in the sixth round.

Khan not only believes Fury would win - but he also thinks the unbeaten Brit could have taken the big shot that put Woodley to sleep.

“Tyron obviously got caught with a good shot, which can happen in boxing. He is not really a boxer, he is an MMA fighter. You know, as MMA fighter, they don’t really punch hard," Khan told Pro Boxing Fans. "It’s more about the takedowns and everything else. I think he was just caught with a good shot, really.

“Well, I think Tommy would have taken that shot and given a lot more back, or maybe would have hit him with some shot. I mean, look, in boxing, anything can happen. Just feel that Tommy would outpoint him.”

Fury would have been Paul's first opponent who is actually a pro boxer.

In past fights, the 25-year-old Paul has defeated the likes of Youtube rival AnEsonGib, NBA star Nate Robinson, and retired MMA veteran Ben Askren. He also decisioned Woodley over eight rounds in their first encounter.